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Online Marketplace for Short Term Pop-in Shops

We connect local stores with online brands looking for a short/medium term physical presence.


Shoppers still prefer touching, measuring and seeing what they're buying, yet they're constantly on the look for new excitements and change. Rugatka enables physical stores to host altering brands which creates a perfect blend of both costumer needs.

Sharing is Caring
Enjoy each other's clientele
brands invite followers and subscribers to their in-store pop-up, stores benefit from it.
Stores have usual customers and walk-ins,  brands benefit from it.
The buzz created by the shifting  brands attracts more traffic which leads to crowd effect, which leads to even more traffic.
brands introduce their products, create trust and remarket costumers later.
Stores enjoy more visits from locals entering to see who's in today, and get exposed to new customers that came via the  brand's marketing campaign.

Image by freestocks
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