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Book in-store pop-up spaces

to maximize exposure and minimize costs 

How It Works

Image by Christelle BOURGEOIS
Image by Andrew Leu

Physical Stores

List a space within the store they wish to host brands in

Designers & Brands

Search and book an in-store-pop-up marketing location

Shared Communities

Enjoy each other's clientele and get more exposure

Image by Edan Cohen

About Rugatka

In Store Pop Up

We connects independent brands without a physical presentence with existing street shops and boutiques for short term collaborations.

By doing so; stores diversify their offerings, reduce costs and reach new clientele while brands showcase their products gain new customers and become physically present to their existing shoppers.


It costs brands way less then generating leads via online marketing or renting a regular pop-up.


Most importantly, a shared community of customers Is formed within each store.

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